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Panax Ginseng Root

Beauty Ginseng since ancient times known as the "king of grass" "Ziyin supplement, righting solid" of the best, with a variety of saponins and polysaccharides, leaching solution can be slowly absorbed by the skin and no adverse stimuli, can expand the skin capillaries, Skin...

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Ginseng since ancient times known as the "king of grass" "Ziyin supplement, righting solid" of the best, with a variety of saponins and polysaccharides, leaching solution can be slowly absorbed by the skin and no adverse stimuli, can expand the skin capillaries, Skin blood circulation, increase skin nutrition, regulate skin water and oil balance, prevent skin dehydration, hardening, wrinkling, ginseng active substances inhibit melanin reduction performance, make skin white and smooth, can enhance skin elasticity, so that cells get fresh, Beauty of the best.


Ginseng fleshy root for the famous strong tonic, for regulating blood pressure, restore heart function, neurasthenia and physical weakness embolism, there are expectorant, stomach, diuretic, excitement and other effects.

Ginseng effect

1 for first aid

High dose of ginseng (15-50 grams) decoction or stew served, or ginseng injection (0.57 grams per milliliter of crude drug) 2-4 ml of muscle or intravenous injection, can be used for cardiogenic shock first aid, or other A moment of extremely dying patients; people involved in aconite can be combined with the death of yang collapse.

2, the treatment of cardiovascular disease

Ginseng for hypertension, myocardial malnutrition, coronary atherosclerosis, angina, etc., have a certain therapeutic effect, can reduce the symptoms. Ginseng has an adjusted effect on abnormal blood pressure, or that different doses can have different effects: small doses can increase blood pressure, high doses can lower blood pressure. Adult ginseng tincture (content 10%), each time 5 Ml, day service 2-3 times; ginseng powder, each time 3-6 points, day service 2 - 3 times.

3, on the stomach and liver disease

Of chronic gastritis associated with lack of gastric acid or stomach acid is too low, after taking ginseng can be seen after the increase in appetite, the symptoms reduced or disappeared, but the secretion of gastric juice and gastric acid no significant effect. There are also reports that ginseng can cause chronic gastritis stomach pain disappeared, increased appetite, normal stool, gastric acid total acidity increased. For acute infectious hepatitis, in certain treatment conditions, taking ginseng to prevent the conversion to chronic hepatitis seems to have a certain positive significance.

4, treatment of diabetes

Ginseng can improve the general condition of people with diabetes, but does not change the degree of high blood sugar. Or that ginseng can reduce urinary sugar in patients with mild diabetes, blood glucose reduction of 40-50 mg%, can still be maintained after stopping for more than 2 weeks; moderate diabetes patients after taking ginseng, although the role of lower blood sugar is not obvious, but most of the general condition Improved, such as thirst and other symptoms disappeared or reduced; some patients after taking ginseng can reduce the amount of insulin.

5, for mental illness

Ginseng has no therapeutic effect on weakness and weakness - depressive psychosis, regardless of the cause (schizophrenia, poisoning or infectious disease caused by mental illness, degenerative psychosis, etc.). It has also been suggested that ginseng oral administration of organic neurological disorders can only improve the general subjective symptoms of the patient without the objective treatment.

6, treatment of neurasthenia

Ginseng has a significant excitatory effect on the nervous system, can improve the body's ability to exercise, reduce fatigue; for different types of neurasthenia patients have a certain therapeutic effect, the patient weight gain, eliminate or reduce general weakness, headache, insomnia and other symptoms.

7, treatment of impotence

Ginseng in traditional Chinese medicine, generally used as a strong agent, can make up strength; close to the study, that it has enhanced the role of gonadal function. Ginseng tincture for paralysis, premature ejaculation impotence has a significant effect, but the mental type is invalid; due to neurasthenia caused by cortical and spinal impotence also have a certain therapeutic effect.

8, ginseng also improve visual acuity and enhance the role of visual dark adaptation.

9, combined with other drugs, but also can treat a variety of diseases.


Raw sun ginseng: the main root length of about 3-10 cm, diameter of about 0.3-2 cm. Surface yellow soil, black brown stripes and longitudinal wrinkles, fine branch roots and fibrous roots have been removed, leaving only traces. Crisp, light, section flat, white, radial cracks. Gas fragrance, bitter taste. There is a complete rhizome and fibrous roots, called "all must be raw sun ginseng."

White ginseng: traits with sugar ginseng, the body is better, and wild ginseng similar, but mostly straight body, rhizome more red ginseng long, fibrous roots scattered, short and brittle

White dry ginseng: the main root epidermis have been removed, the surface of light yellow or white, the upper stripes are not obvious, but visible shallow wrinkles and branch root marks. Other traits are similar to raw sun ginseng.

Red ginseng: the main root about 5-20 cm, diameter of about 0.7-2 cm. Surface reddish brown, translucent, with large wrinkles, ring is not obvious, there are branches of the root marks. Rhizome soil yellow, with a bowl of stem marks 4-6. Hard and brittle, flat section, horny, brown, there are light-colored center. Gas fragrance, taste slightly bitter.

Pinch the ginseng: the main root about 6-15 cm, diameter of about 1.2-2.5 cm, the surface pale yellow, the upper end of the ring is not obvious, but we can see a lot of processing caused by the pits. Branches light brown, root and fibrous roots with a line into a tailed. Section white. Gas fragrance, sweet bitter bitter.

Side of the Senate: traits with red ginseng, but generally longer rhizome, long diameter circle, the root is characterized by a longer.

Organic ginseng: no pesticide residues, no fertilizer, no genetically modified. The greatest degree of retention of ginseng ingredients and efficacy.

Wild ginseng: also known as mountain ginseng. The main root short rent, and rhizome equal length or shorter, more with two main branch, the shape of the human body. The top of the fine and deep horizontal ring pattern. Rhizome slender, generally 3-9 cm long, the upper part of the twisted, known as "wild goose", Lao bowl intensive, the lower part of the non-bowl and more smooth, commonly known as "round". Spaghetti sparse, about 1-2 times the main root, flexibility is not easy to break, there are obvious verrucous protrusions (pearl points). All the light yellow and white, thin skin, light Run. Gas fragrant thick, sweet bitter bitter. Rhizome upper part of the dense dense bowl, rhizome lower part of the lower garden lut. The top of the main root has a fine and deep dense spiral pattern. Central and lower general no pattern. Spaghetti sparse and long, easy to break. There are obvious verrucous protrusions.

Senate: red ginseng is more common, similar performance and red ginseng, but less effective and ease.


Ginseng function editor

As far back as two thousand years ago, our ancestors put ginseng in clinical practice. "Shen Nong's Materia Medica" column of ginseng for the top grade. Said: "the main fill the five internal organs, the spirit of the spirit, set the soul, only frightened, in addition to evil, eyesight, happy, puzzle, Jiufu light body extension." "Ginseng Materia Medica" contains: "ginseng main five labor and seven injuries, loss of phlegm, vomiting, fill the internal organs, Paul in the gods, chest and phlegm. Treatment of lung wilt, etc. cold air against the typhoid, More than the dream of those who add "." Shou Shibao yuan "contains:" Ginseng sweet, Dabu strength, thirsty Sheng Jin, tune Rongwei Wei. "Other records are numerous. Modern medicine that ginseng on the nervous system, cardiovascular System, endocrine system, digestive system, reproductive system, respiratory system and surgical use have a significant role, the clinical application of the effect are:

Ginseng can prevent hypoxia in acute, chronic high disease

The ultrastructural changes of the cerebral cortex in rats under acute hypoxia condition at a high altitude of 7000 m showed that there was a significant protective effect on the ultrastructure of the neurons in the cerebral cortex from hypoxia; It has been observed that ginsenosides do inhibit the use of endogenous glycogen. [4]

At the same time, it can enhance tissue breathing, promote anaerobic glycolysis, increase production capacity under hypoxia conditions, reduce body oxygen consumption, so can protect neurons and cardiovascular system to improve tolerance to hypoxia. Clinical validation of ginseng glycosides in the prevention and treatment of acute, chronic plateau disease is effective. [4]

Treatment of neurasthenia and psychosis

Ginseng can regulate the central nervous system, can treat neurasthenia. Rejuvenating patients, often accompanied by Astragalus, keel; for autonomic dysfunction and spontaneous perspiration of patients, with Schisandra, white # #, floating wheat. Patients taking ginseng, can reduce or eliminate headaches, palpitations, insomnia, forgetfulness, general weakness and other symptoms, and weight gain. Ginseng has no effect on psychosis and degenerative psychosis caused by weakness and depressive neuropathy, schizophrenia, poisoning or infectious diseases. Ginseng can also improve people's memory, improve work efficiency, enhance physical endurance and the accuracy of sports organs.

Treatment of cardiovascular disease

Ginseng can improve the ability and frequency of heart contraction, heart excitement, so that blood flow to speed up, promote the body's metabolism, and then adjust the body's nutritional status and slow down the physical decline, enhance resistance. Ginsenosides enable phospholipid protease activation, promote phospholipid biosynthesis, thereby preventing coronary artery and heart aortic vascular atherosclerosis. Ginseng on a variety of heart disease (coronary heart disease, angina, myocardial malnutrition, etc.) and anemia have a certain effect.

Treatment of diabetes

Ginseng can stimulate the secretion of endocrine system, and enhance the function of the pituitary - adrenal cortex system, with the role of lowering blood sugar. Taking ginseng to reduce urinary sugar in patients with mild diabetes, to improve the systemic symptoms of moderate diabetes, thirst, sweating, weakness and other symptoms disappear or reduce. Taking ginseng can also reduce the amount of insulin.

The therapeutic function is weak

Ginseng can significantly enhance sexual function, Chinese medicine called "strong fine kidney". Ginseng on paralysis, premature ejaculation impotence has a significant effect on the neurasthenia caused by cortical and spinal impotence is also effective (ineffective for mental impotence). Ginseng can improve sperm motility, treat azoospermia and hypoproic syndrome.

Treatment of stomach, liver and other digestive diseases

Ginseng can promote the secretion of digestive juice, improve the total acidity of gastric juice, improve abdominal fullness, diarrhea, vomiting and other symptoms of spleen and stomach, stomach pain disappeared, increased appetite, normal stool. Such as people involved in the compatibility of other traditional Chinese medicine, "four gentleman soup." Ginseng can also promote the synthesis of liver protein and nucleic acid, can prevent acute hepatitis to chronic hepatitis.

Enhance human immunity, adjuvant treatment of cancer

Ginseng can improve the body's resistance to cancer cells, improve the patient's physical condition, prevent cancer cell metastasis, delay tumor growth and cancer lesions to expand. (DMBA), urethane, N-2 fluorene acetamide (AAF), N-methyl-N-nitrous acid-N & apos; - nitroguanidine (MNNG), Aspergillus flavus and other carcinogenic substances. Ginseng can also prevent leukopenia caused by anticancer drugs.

Enhance bone marrow hematopoietic function

Ginseng can promote the metabolism of ribonucleic acid (RNA), deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), protein, cholesterol, fat and sugar, promote bone marrow cell mitosis, increase the number of nucleated cells in red blood cells, white blood cells and bone marrow Bone marrow hematopoietic function. Ginseng can prevent radiation loss on bone marrow.


Ginseng juice, leaves, powder can promote the wound and ulcers quickly healed. Ginseng cream has anti-inflammatory, swelling effect.

In addition, ginseng can improve people's vision and the ability to adapt to the dark environment, can be used as a dark job operators to improve vision of the drug. Ginseng in children with spinal cord gray matter caused by abnormal skeletal muscle excitability also have a therapeutic effect.

In addition to root for medicinal purposes, its stems, leaves, flowers, fruit and processing by-products are light industry raw materials, such as containing ginseng ingredients of tobacco, tea, goods, cream and other commodities, welcomed by domestic and foreign.


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wild ginseng

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wild ginseng root

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wild ginseng for sale

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wild grown ginseng

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wild ginseng root for sale

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