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  • Semen Trigonellae/fenugreek Seed
    Semen Trigonellae/fenugreek Seed
    [Chinese medicine name] huluba [English name] Semen Trigonellae. [Medicinal site] Dry mature seeds of Leguminosae Trigonella foenum-graecum L.. [Plant form] Annual herb, 40-80 cm high, with aroma throughout the plant. Stems erect, hollow, many clustered,...
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  • Fructus Leonuri/motherwort Fruit
    Fructus Leonuri/motherwort Fruit
    [Chinese medicine name]chongweizi [English name] Motherwort Fruit. [Medicine site] The fruit of Leonurus japonicus Sweet. [Plant form] Herbaceous annual or biennial, 60-100 cm high. Stems erect, 4-angled, strigose, leaves opposite. Small nut brown,...
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  • Fructus Tsaoko
    Fructus Tsaoko
    [Chinese medicine name] caoguo [English name] Fructus Tsaoko. [Medicinal parts] The mature fruit of Amomum tsao-ko Crevost et Lemaire. [Phytomorphology] Perennial herb. Clustered, 2 to 3 meters high. Rhizomes transverse, stems cylindrical, stout, erect or...
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  • Fructus Quisqualis/rangooncreeper Fruit
    Fructus Quisqualis/rangooncreeper Fruit
    [Chinese medicine name] shijunzi [English name]Quisqualis Fructus [Medicinal site] Make mature fruits of Gentlemen Quisqualis indica L.. [Plant form] climbing bush. 2 to 8 meters high. Young plants are yellow-brown pubescent. Leaves opposite, leaves long...
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  • Semen Pruni/Chinese Dwarf Cherry Seed
    Semen Pruni/Chinese Dwarf Cherry Seed
    [Chinese name] yuliren [English name]Pruni Semen [Medicinal parts] Seeds of Rosaceae plant Euonymus Prunus humilis Bge. Plant morphology: deciduous shrubs, erect. Bark grayish brown, much branched, branchlets pubescent. Leaves alternate, petiole short, ca....
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  • Pollen Pini/pine Pollen
    Pollen Pini/pine Pollen
    [Chinese medicine name] songhuafen [English name] Pini Pollen. [Medicine site] Pine pollen Pinus massoniana Lamb. Pollen. [Plant form] Evergreen trees. Branchlets whorled, reddish brown, glabrous; winter buds oblong, brown. Needles two needles, soft; resin...
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  • Fructus Canarii/Chinese White Olive
    Fructus Canarii/Chinese White Olive
    [Chinese medicine name] qingguo [English name]Canarii Fructus [Medicinal site] The mature fruit of the olive family Canarium album Raeusch. [Plant form] Evergreen trees. The canopy has a round tower shape with an erect trunk that is gray and white and...
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  • Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae Viride/immature Tangerine Peel
    Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae Viride/immature Tangerine Peel
    [Chinese medicine name] qingpi [English name] Citri Reticulatae Pericarpium Viride. [Medicinal site] Citrus reticulata Blanco of Citrus reticulata and its cultivars of dried young or immature fruit. [Plant form] Evergreen small trees or shrubs, 3 to 4...
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  • Fructus Chebulae/medicine Terminalia Fruit
    Fructus Chebulae/medicine Terminalia Fruit
    [Chinese medicine name] hezi [English name] Chebulae Fructus. [Medicinal site] The mature fruit of Terminalia chebula Retz. [Plant form] trees. Bark dark brown with longitudinal cracks. Leaves alternate or subopposite, leaves ovate or elliptic to oblong,...
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  • Fructus Hippophae/seabuckthorn Fruit
    Fructus Hippophae/seabuckthorn Fruit
    [Chinese medicine name] shaji [English name] Hippophae Fructus. [Medicinal parts] Mature fruits of sea buckthorn Hippophae thamnoides L. of the family Elaeagnaceae. Plant morphology: deciduous shrubs or trees, 1 to 5 meters high; with stout thorns. When...
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  • Sanguis Draconis/draconis Resin
    Sanguis Draconis/draconis Resin
    [Chinese medicine name] xuejie [English name]Draconis Sanguis [Source] The palm of the plant is found in Daemonorops draco Bl. [Phytomorphology] Perennial evergreen vines, as long as 10 to 20 meters. Stems are sheathed and spiked throughout. Pinnate...
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  • Fructus Polygoni Orientalis/pirnce's-feather Fruit
    Fructus Polygoni Orientalis/pirnce's-feather Fruit
    [Chinese medicine name] shuihonghuazi [Medicinal parts] Mature fruits of Potylgonum orientale L. [Plant form] Annual herb, 1 to 3 meters high. Stems erect, hollow, articulate, many branched, densely covered with long hairs. Leaves large, alternate, broadly...
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