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Herbs Fructus

  • Fructus Liquidambaris
    Fructus Liquidambaris
    【Chinese medicine name】lulutong 【English name】Liquidambaris Fructus 【Source】 The mature inflorescence of Liquidambar formamide Liquidambar formosana Hance. [Plant form] arbor, up to 40 meters. Bark grayish brown, rough, with lenticels. Leaves alternate,...
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  • Semen Euryales
    Semen Euryales
    【Chinese medicine name】qianshi [English name] Euryales Semen. 【Source】 Mature seeds of Euonymus Eurya Le feror Salisb. 【Plant form】 Annual aquatic herb, the whole plant has many spikes. Rhizome thick and short, with white fibrous roots and inconspicuous...
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  • Fructus Trichosanthis
    Fructus Trichosanthis
    【Chinese medicine name】gualou [English name] Trichosanthis Fructus. 【Source】 Ripe fruits of Trichosanthes klrllowll Maxim. [Plant form] Perennial grass vine. Leaves alternate, with long stalks; tendrils axillary; leafy, often near-heart-shaped, indehiscent...
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  • Semen Plantaginis
    Semen Plantaginis
    【Chinese medicine name】cheqianzi 【English name】Semen Plantaginis [Source] Plantago asiatica L. seeds of plantain plant. [Phytomorphology] Perennial herb. Ye Jisheng, with long-handled leaves. Spikes spatulate 4, base slightly connate; corolla tube ovate,...
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  • Semen Arecae
    Semen Arecae
    【Chinese medicine name】binglang 【English name】 Arecae Semen 【Source】 Mature seeds of Areca catechu L. palm plant. [Plant form] Evergreen trees. Stem erect, unbranched, leaves clustered at stem apex; pinnately compound leaves, trilobal spines, long leaf...
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  • Semen Nelumbinis
    Semen Nelumbinis
    【Chinese medicine name】 lianzi 【English name】 Nelumbinis Semen. 【Source】 Mature seeds of Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn. Plant morphology Perennial aquatic herbs. The rhizomes (rhizome) are long, thick, and contracted. Leaf shield-shaped, pink-green; petiole...
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  • Fructus Rubi
    Fructus Rubi
    【Chinese medicine name】fupenzi 【English name】Rubi Fructus 【Source】 Aggregate fruit of Rubus chingii Hu, the eastern Chinese Raspberry of Rosaceae. Plant morphology: deciduous shrubs. Stems erect, branches slender, sparsely sparsely barbed. The lobes are...
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  • Fructus Viticis
    Fructus Viticis
    【Chinese medicine name】manjingzi [English name] Viticis Fructus. fructus viticis 【Source】 Ripe fruit of Vitex trifolia L., Verbena family. [Plant form] shrubs, rare for small trees. Branchlets quadrangular prismatic. Leaves are compound leaves of 3...
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  • Arillus Longan
    Arillus Longan
    【Chinese name】 longyanrou 【English name】 Longan Arillus. 【Source】 The seed coat of the longan Dimocarpus longan Lour. [Plant form] Evergreen trees. Young branches are rust-colored pilose. Double pinnate compound, alternate; leaflets 2-5 pairs, usually...
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  • Fructus Meliae Toosendan
    Fructus Meliae Toosendan
    【Chinese medicine name】chuanlianzi [English name] Toosendan Fructus. 【Source】 Mature fruit of Melia toosendan Sieb. et Zucc. [Plant form] Deciduous trees, up to 10 meters. The bark is gray-brown and the young part is densely star-shaped. 2 pinnate compound...
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  • Fructus Xanthii
    Fructus Xanthii
    【Chinese medicine name】cangerzi 【Source】 Compositae Xanthium sibiricum Patr.ex Widd. Fructus Xanthii 【Plant morphology】 Annual herb, 30-90 cm high, stems rough, short hairs. Leaves alternate, long-stalked, broadly triangular-bladed, apex acute, base...
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  • Pollen Typhae
    Pollen Typhae
    【Chinese medicine name】 puhuang [English name] Cattail Pollen. 【Source】 Pollen of Typha angustifolia L. from the Poaceae family. 【Plant form】For many years marsh herb. The rhizomes traverse and there are more fibrous roots. Leaves narrowly linear, half...
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