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Chinese herbal medicine planting future trend

- Oct 31, 2017 -

The problems existing in the construction of standardized planting bases for Chinese medicinal materials

1, planting scattered, scale efficiency is poor, standardized production level is low. Due to the limited strength of Yaonong, planting scattered plots planted less in low intensive degree, as Jiangxi Taihe County of Plantago, every family like a peanut, it is difficult to standardize. In addition, planting area of medicinal materials in the mountain areas, traffic information and backward caused by planting difficult scale, as was "red flag" in Chongqing County of traditional Chinese medicinal materials in Wuxi, Daning, and other characteristics of Fritillaria taipaiensis Codonopsis varieties, the planting scale is too small, bulk supply capacity is very low, it is difficult to form a climate in the market transactions.

2, pay attention to production, not heavy technology and management, resulting in quality times. A lot of heavy base crop light quality, the abuse of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, resulting in a decline in the quality of Chinese herbal medicine, but also the lack of technical guidance and tracking service, can't keep to the traditional Chinese medicine in the normal growth in the process of monitoring and prediction and field management, like Shizhu agricultural base, many companies neglect base management, all kinds of yellow worm disease, even the government gives the planting base fertilizer subsidies for farmers to grow vegetables in Coptis.

3, just production, regardless of the market situation, information blocking. Some of the base or blindly follow the trend, such as repeated construction, 37 high price when sold to Wenshan to plant There are plenty of people who sell the package. Or the development of production, not in-depth market research and prospect analysis, planting varieties single, low price unmarketable, such as Jiangxi Gardenia high yield.

4, buyers and sellers opaque, planting and sales disjointed. Chinese herbal medicine planting management is extensive, the supply and demand information exchange is not smooth, the lack of long-term interest supply mechanism, the price fluctuation is too large, hindered the healthy development of traditional Chinese medicine industry.