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Ejiao edible effect

- Oct 31, 2017 -

1. Enriching blood and benefiting qi. E-gelatin on hemoglobin and red blood cell growth rate has good curative effect, even more than iron, so it is the role of the blood, for the blood of all, nutrition and anemia have very good effect.

2, strong tendons and bones. Gelatin has the role of the blood, and the blood can raise tendons, can lubricate joints, bone marrow, brain supplement and so on, so there is the role of gluten bone health, a strong fight against rheumatic effects.

3, enhance physical fitness. Donkey hide gelatin contains a large number of protein, is conducive to the absorption of the body, it can increase the resistance of the body, reduce the incidence of diseases, suitable for elderly and sick people, weak, love people with colds.

Ejiao contains a lot of protein, is conducive to the absorption of the human body

4. Postpone senility. Ejiao contains gelatin, bone collagen, protein and a variety of trace elements, a variety of amino acids, etc.. These are important nutrients in human body, have obvious anti-aging, longevity effect.

5, anti-cancer. Donkey hide gelatin has a two-way regulation effect on cellular immunity. The activity of NK cells is enhanced, and NK cells play an important role in the inhibition of tumor development. In addition, donkey hide gelatin can promote lymphocyte transformation, slow down tumor growth, improve symptoms and prolong life. In the use of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the use of donkey hide gelatin can reduce side effects, enhance physical fitness, and enhance drug tolerance.

6, calcium supplement. Donkey hide gelatin contains rich calcium, through the role of glycine, promote the absorption and storage of calcium, improve calcium homeostasis in the body, prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. It is the most ideal supplement for middle aged and elderly people.

7, beauty care. Donkey hide gelatin to nourish the skin by nourishing blood, which is beneficial to the skin care. Long term use can make the face ruddy, delicate skin, shiny.  Nourish the skin, beauty and beauty jiapin.

8, menstruation tocolysis. Gelatin can be used due to blood deficiency, blood stasis and heat menstruation; gelatin can Yin blood, Yi Chong and Ren, the birth, miscarriage, pregnancy disease treatment. Not fixed on common Taiyuan, fetal irritability, and even abortion has very good curative effect.

9. Dilate blood vessel. Donkey hide gelatin obviously inhibited the increase of blood viscosity. The use of donkey hide gelatin in the elderly can promote blood circulation, improve microcirculation, anti arrhythmia and so on.