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Honeysuckle how soaked water is the most reasonable

- Oct 31, 2017 -

Honeysuckle is a commonly used in food and medicine, with good heat the interpretation effect of traditional Chinese medicine with antibiotics name, a medicinal honeysuckle honeysuckle, wholesale manufacturers, but also has a certain beauty, weight loss, health and other functions of our body can play a huge role in the protection and restoration, regulating our the function of the human body, improve immunity, but many people simply drink water that should be how to better water can play a better effect.

We are in the tea, honeysuckle manufacturers wholesale, will delicate honeysuckle into the cup, control in 32 grams of it, the first time the water, can be used in the brewing of about ninety degrees Celsius boiling water, and then cover the lid, to prevent the smell of evaporated gold silver.

After three minutes, open the lid, so that the bubble out of honeysuckle taste is not only very fragrant, but also the honeysuckle inside the rich nutrients released, for us to enjoy