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The use of different sizes of acupuncture needles

- Oct 31, 2017 -

According to the flesh, the huge level of acupuncture to select different length of the needle, needle for scalp thin places, and long needle for waist, hip and thigh muscle fat, and penetration can choose a long needle. The most commonly used thing, 40mm, is generally called an inch and a half. According to the doctor's habits and sensitivity to choose different thickness, the most commonly used needle is diameter of 0.25-0.30mm, most parts of the body can be used. Facial acupuncture is usually done with thinner needles.

Fire needle and needle dragon refers to the method, generally used for fire needle cold syndrome and yang deficiency, Panlong acupuncture is a method of acupuncture Jiaji Hua Tuo, and for the treatment of spine related diseases