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What should be paid attention to in traditional Chinese medicine preservation

- Oct 31, 2017 -

Ginseng: classified preservation, moisture proof. Ginseng has red participation in white ginseng. Red ginseng is generally not easy to be eaten, but must be kept dry, the sun will cover the white paper, in order to avoid discoloration, can be packed in wooden boxes or vases in sealed storage. White ginseng (sun dried ginseng or sugar ginseng) is easy to produce worms, and easy to change color with damp. Infestation usually occurs at the upper part of the taproot and at the rhizome (reed head). Have damp ginseng, should be dried, collection of seal in the insulator, can keep the original color. In rainy season, it is better to refrigerate in the refrigerator or in the lime cylinder, but don't contact directly with the quicklime, and the quicklime should not be too much (about 1/4 of the container). If ginseng is dried, it is easy to shatter and cause losses. In addition, after drying, American ginseng should be kept in a cool place.

Cordyceps sinensis: moistureproof paper, mildew proof. Cordyceps sinensis is prone to mildew, so put it in ventilated dry shade, a wooden box, cushion waterproof paper (such as box moisture-proof paper), placed in a dry place or in a lime box, in order to avoid mildew; or a double plastic bag sealed, placed in the refrigerator freezer; can also wrap Cordyceps and charcoal then, put some paeonol, and sealing. In addition, saffron and Cordyceps are stored in a low temperature drying place, so that Cordyceps sinensis will not deteriorate for a long time.

Donkey hide gelatin: sealed with quicklime, anti fragmentation. This kind of traditional Chinese medicine is more delicate, easy to soften when facing heat and tide, and easy to be broken in the cold and dry place, so it should be carefully preserved. The available paper wrapped in chaff embedded in airtight storage, so that the outside air is wet bran absorption, and thus play a protective effect of drug. It can also be sealed in double plastic bags and stored in a cool and dry place. It's better to put it in a sealed lime jar.

Add pepper: antler preservation, moth. After thoroughly drying cloth wrapped into the box, around which into the pepper, sealed cover storage, can prevent the occurrence of a moth, mildew or too dry rupture, can maintain fur luster. With the vases containing antler powder can, if it is sawing antler, can grind Asarum powder into a paste, coated on the cutting edge or dry, placed in a closed box, in the box looking some camphor or asarum, sealed in a cool and dry place.