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  • Acupuncture Needle
    Acupuncture Needle
    Acupuncture Needle Product Features Modern acupuncture needles are usually composed of needle body, needle tip and needle handle, the needle front end of the needle tip, the rear end of the needle handle, needle body and the needle tip is smooth, and the...
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  • Press Needle
    Press Needle
    Press needle that is intradermal needle, is a special small needle fixed in the skin or subcutaneous for a long time buried a method, commonly used in ear hole buried needle. There are two needle types: push-pin type and grain type. Pushpin type: needle...
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  • Glass Cupping
    Glass Cupping
    Cupping is a pot as a tool, the use of fire, pumping and other methods to produce negative pressure, so that adsorption on the surface, resulting in local blood stasis, in order to achieve through the meridian, qi and blood circulation, swelling and pain,...
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