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Characteristics Of Acupuncture Needles

- Oct 31, 2017 -

Acupuncture is according to certain acupuncture points into a patient, and through a twisting, lifting and thrusting apparatus and other techniques for treating diseases, like a similar needle

Modern acupuncture needle consists of needle body, the needle tip and needle handle. The front end of the needle body of the needle tip, the back end is provided with a needle handle, a needle body and the needle is smooth, and the needle handle is provided with screw thread, this is to use when you can lift and thrust twist. Now the general clinical do not use needles, most of the use of stainless steel needle. To acupuncture, the needle is actually better than the stainless steel needle, this is mainly because the silver is too soft and easy to break, easy to cause medical accidents; in addition the silver cost is high. Now, there's another kind of needle like a golden needle. It's actually a stainless steel needle, but it's covered with a yellow layer