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Several Kinds Of E Jiao Herb

- Oct 31, 2017 -

1, plastic flowers

Huajie famous maw, from the fish abdomen out of the swim bladder, cut dry after drying. Fish belly with yin yang yang, Gushen Pei Jing effect. The lung and kidney weakness, blood loss of the human body, with the most appropriate consumption of plastic flowers. Maw food law can be used to stew duck, or combined with some lean meat soup consumption. According to the medical book description of the new flower has a tonic effect, the digestive force of the weak eat more than cold. So eat the most vintage. Chen Xianhua plastic, is stored more than three years of plastic flowers. Chennian plastic is suitable for the elderly and frail people. Some of the women born too much and often after the age of Yaoxisuanruan, head dizziness, hands and feet cold, pale, may wish to eat Cordyceps pork pigeon "female nourishing beauty recipes" edible look.

2, yellow gelatin

Alias: water glue, leather glue, sea rhinoceros, plastic, gelatin. For the cattle cattle cattle skin of the leather boil.

Method: the dry leather, guitar into a small box, set the water in the dip 2, often stirring change the water, to the soft leather washed out. Into the copper pot, add about 5 times the amount of water, heating so slowly boiling, and at any time add water, every 24 hours to extract the liquid, so repeated 3 times, all the filtrate with alum precipitation, pour juice, and then into the copper pot Within the heating concentration, to drop on the filter paper is not for the degree, adding rice wine or rock sugar and other accessories received plastic, into the plastic plate, as soon as cold, cut into small pieces, dry.

Indications: 1, lung atrophy hematemesis. 2, hematemesis hemoptysis. 3, pregnancy under the blood. With black gelatin twenty-two, wine cooking, a service under. 4, kidney deficiency 5, face paralysis. 6, rheumatoid pain. 7, bruises. 8, soup fire injury. 9, all swollen poison. 10, M. scrofula tuberculosis.

3, the sea dragon glue

Dragon rubber for the Dragon boil the glue.

Hailong mainly distributed in the west coast of Australia and China's North Sea region, especially in China's highest value of the North Sea dragon medicine. North Hailong growth conditions are extremely harsh, only in the Bohai Sea warm, cold ocean flow of the gold exchange area, large seaweed and seaweed dense seabed to survive. Here is the least marine pollution, the most nutritious, the most vigorous development of the dragon, the most prosperous areas of reproduction.

Indications: Warming kidney yang, blood and pain, fill fine fill, strong waist and knee. For lumbar acne soft, apathetic, chills cold, pale white, male impotence nocturnal emission, female palace cold infertility. Hailan gum completely improve Shenpi fatigue, insomnia forgetfulness, Yaoxisuanruan, dizziness, chills, cold, impotence, premature ejaculation, shortness of breath, shortness of breath, a series of modern men's syndrome, the symptoms can not be improved for a long time Leading to high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, chronic prostatitis, diabetes and other chronic diseases ridden.

4, ginseng Ejiao ginseng ginger gelatin is a pure Chinese medicine advanced nourishing strong agent, it uses our treasure trove of rare treasures deer velvet, ginseng and other high-quality Chinese herbal medicines, the use of modern and the latest pharmaceutical technology, combined with the traditional system of refined technology refining Into the body, give full play Ejiao, ginseng, velvet blood, qi, kidney three major advantages, with spermatogenic fill marrow, nourishing Qi, strong gluten bone, refreshing rejuvenation of the power, the right Blood deficiency, kidney deficiency, impotence nocturnal emission, premature ejaculation, female irregular menstruation, uterine cold infertility and fatigue caused by weak and weak, pale complexion, dry skin, lumbar soreness, neurasthenia, insomnia, forgetfulness, menopausal syndrome And so have a significant effect. This product is tonic but not dry, high efficacy, is the health of the elderly health goods to share.

5, antlers

Alias: white gum, deer glue Source: deer animal deer or red deer of the corner of the suffering from the plastic block.