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The Value Of White Peony Root

- Oct 31, 2017 -

Radix Paeoniae Alba and its root are used as medicine. In the dew to the Autumnal Equinox Day Digging and collecting. Select the sunny day, remove all the roots of the peony, remove the bud head, wash the soil, and boil it in boiling water according to the thick and thin degree respectively (strictly control the heat), add water to drown the peony root as the degree. Boiling time is determined according to the thickness of the root of the peony. It is better to master the peony root without white heart. Fire greatly reduce, fire small fry not slice. Remove and soak in cold water, remove it, gently wipe the skin with magnetic therapy or bamboo knife, then dry.

Drying process, half a day with a sack or mat cover half a day, commonly known as sweating. It is not only difficult to dry, but also has rough drainage, rough color and poor quality.

Peony is commonly used medicinal materials at home, a huge demand, production concentration, long growth cycle, rigid demand, easy storage, not only is the object of many manufacturers chasing, but also some large funds to participate in variety. Radix Paeoniae Alba is not a special medicinal herb, it is an indispensable compatibility of many prescriptions. Dosage is also the most common, there is a huge piece of processing army, the annual amount of pieces is also about 4000 tons.

July will be digging root, can even be extended to early winter season. The growth cycle is 4-6 years, and can continue to extend. 4 year old can produce dry 500 kilograms, and six years can reach 1 tons. The local production technology of Paeonia lactiflora is mature, and it can be intercropped with other crops in the first two years. It has strong adaptability to climate and soil, and there has not been any serious impact of natural disasters in history. It is generally believed that the annual requirement of Radix Paeoniae Alba is above 10 thousand tons.

Drug efficacy

Peony cold, bitter acid, slightly cold, with nourishing blood and stabilize liver Yang, liver pain, astringing Yin antiperspirant efficacy, suitable for Yin fever, irregular menstruation, abdominal pain, hypochondriac limbs spasm, abdominal pain, diarrhea, sweating, uterine bleeding, vaginal discharge embolism.

Paeoniflorin has antibacterial, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, increase coronary blood flow, improving myocardial nutrition blood flow, blood vessel dilatation, against acute myocardial ischemia and platelet aggregation, sedative, analgesic, antispasmodic, anti ulcer, regulating blood sugar effect. Paeoniae Alba decoction can inhibit dysentery bacillus, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Escherichia coli, Salmonella typhi, hemolytic streptococcus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and so on.