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Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract

[Product Name]: green tea extract (tea polyphenols) [English name]: Green Tea Extract. [Extraction site]: plant parts for the leaves The main components: tea polyphenols (GTP), caffeine, aromatic oils, moisture, minerals, pigments, carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids, vitamins and so on....

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[Product Name]: green tea extract (tea polyphenols)

[English name]: Green Tea Extract.

[Extraction site]: plant parts for the leaves

The main components: tea polyphenols (GTP), caffeine, aromatic oils, moisture, minerals, pigments, carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids, vitamins and so on.

[Specification]: Tea polyphenols 98%

[Formula and molecular weight]: C22H18O11

[CAS #]: 989-51-5

[Appearance]: Brown, yellow or light green powder

Odor special

[Detection]: HPLC, UV

Solubility: soluble in ethanol

[Product packaging]: 1kg / aluminum foil bags, 25kg / cardboard drums; can be customized according to customer requirements.

Storage conditions: Shading should be sealed, stored in a dry, cool, well-ventilated place, valid for two years.

[Solubility]: ≥90%

Moisture: ≤6%

The total number of colonies: <1000

Salmonella: None

[Escherichia coli]: None

[Products]: Green tea powder is an ultra-fine powder of green tea, its color is green, delicate, nutrition, health, large. The use of ultra-fine powder grinding equipment, instantaneous low-temperature processing of green tea powder, to maximize the original green tea to maintain the large green and nutrition, pharmacological components, of which, "green Paul fragrance" is the micro green tea powder research and production of the key. In addition to direct drinking, it can be widely used in green tea cake, green tea bread, green tea noodles, green tea biscuits, green tea tofu, green tea milk, green tea ice cream, quick frozen green tea dumpling, green tea ice cream, green tea yogurt, green tea candy, green tea chocolate, , Green moon cake fillings, medical health products, cosmetics, household chemicals and so on, in order to strengthen its nutrition and health effects, to meet the public demand for large nutrition and health.


Health function

[Lipid-lowering effect]: Tea polyphenols can significantly reduce the serum total cholesterol, triglyceride and low density lipoprotein cholesterol in hyperlipidemia, meanwhile have the function of restoring and protecting vascular endothelial function. The hypolipidemic effect of tea polyphenols is also one of the main reasons that tea can make obese people lose weight without rebounding.

[Antioxidant]: Tea polyphenols can block the lipid peroxidation process, improve the activity of the human enzyme, which play anti-mutation, anti-cancer effect.

[Inhibition of tumor effect]: Tea polyphenols can inhibit the synthesis of DNA in tumor cells to induce mutant DNA breaks, which can inhibit tumor cell synthesis rate and further inhibit tumor growth and proliferation.

[Sterilization detoxification]: Tea polyphenols can kill Botox and spores, inhibit bacterial exotoxin activity. On the cause of diarrhea, respiratory and skin infections have a variety of pathogens antibacterial effect. Tea polyphenols can cause suppurative infection, burns, trauma Staphylococcus aureus, mutant bacteria significantly inhibited.

[Hangover and liver protection role]: Alcoholic liver injury is mainly caused by ethanol-induced free radical damage, tea polyphenols as a free radical scavenger, with alcohol liver injury.

[Purification]: serious environmental pollution has obvious toxic effects on human health, tea polyphenols have a strong adsorption of heavy metals, can form complexes with heavy metals and precipitation, help to reduce the toxicity of heavy metals on the human body effect. In addition, tea polyphenols also have the effect of improving liver function and diuretic, alkaloid poisoning and therefore have a better anti-inflammatory effect.

[Improve the body immunity]: Tea polyphenols by improving the total amount of human immunoglobulin and maintain it at a high level to stimulate changes in antibody activity, thereby enhancing the overall human immune capacity, and can promote the body's own conditioning function.


Food applications

Tea polyphenols as a natural antioxidant has been widely used in the food industry. China's use of food additives standards, tea polyphenols can be used for the use of oil, moon cake, ham and other food, the amount of 0.4g / kg. Use is to dissolve it in ethanol, add a certain amount of citric acid dubbed solution, and then spraying or adding methods for food.

[Meat products]: Meat and its products are often due to the automatic oxidation of fat during storage yellow and yellow, rancid taste. In the meat processing, the various meat products soaked or spray prepared tea polyphenol solution, the meat protein can make the surface protein and tea polyphenols form a gas impermeable hard film, to inhibit the oxidative rancidity of meat products surface and Bacterial growth and prevent spoilage of the good results.

Edible Animal and Plant Fats: Animal fats do not contain natural anti-oxidants and can easily oxidate and deteriorate. Adding polyphenols in the fat, can stop and delay the automatic oxidation and decomposition of unsaturated fatty acids, effectively inhibit the oxidation of rancid oil, prolonging the storage period.

[Fried food]: fried food in the frying process, due to the oxidation of its darker, dark; in storage with the fat oxidation rancidity gradually deepened, products aroma, flavor is seriously affected. Tea polyphenols on the anti-oxidation of fried foods is better, can delay the phenomenon of oxidative rancidity and improve food shelf life.

Baked goods: In the production of moon cakes and other oily foods, the addition of tea polyphenols to the mixture of flour and oily products can not only prevent the preservation of these foods, but also can improve the health and enhance the flavor of food.

Aquatic products: Tea polyphenols in fish, shrimp and other aquatic products preservation and processing of significant antioxidant, anti-corruption, anti-browning and so on. In the production of dried fish products, the use of tea polyphenols containing water immersion of aquatic products, can prevent dried fish due to "oil burning" caused by yellowing and lipid oxidation. In the frozen fresh fish, add tea polyphenols preparations, but also make the fish preservation better.

[Beverage]: Tea polyphenols can be used to formulate a variety of tea drinks, applied to a variety of alcoholic beverages, but also inhibit the soy milk, soft drinks, fruit juices and other beverages vitamin A and vitamin C and other vitamins damage, thus protecting the beverage A variety of nutrients.

[Candy food]: Tea polyphenols applied to chewing gum, candy, fructose and other candies, can effectively antioxidant preservation, solid color fixation, in addition to bad breath and so on. In addition, tea polyphenols can also make high-sugar foods in the "acid tail" disappear, so sweet taste.

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