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Stevia Extract

Stevia Extract

[English name] Stevia Extract [Latin name] Stevia rebaudiana (Bertoni) Hemsl [active ingredients] stevioside, A, D, C, E, dulcoside, A [plant origin] Stevia [solubility] stevioside is soluble in water and ethanol [product shape] white powder [product specification] stevioside 90%-99% [method of...

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[English name] Stevia Extract

[Latin name] Stevia rebaudiana (Bertoni) Hemsl

[active ingredients] stevioside, A, D, C, E, dulcoside, A

[plant origin] Stevia

[solubility] stevioside is soluble in water and ethanol

[product shape] white powder

[product specification] stevioside 90%-99%

[method of detection] UV

[product efficacy] stevia sugar not only does not have any adverse effects on the human body, on the contrary, it also has antihypertensive, strong body, treatment of urine and other medicinal herbs

[raw material producing areas] were introduced in 27 provinces of Shandong, Anhui, Hebei, Shaanxi, Jiangsu, Fujian, Hunan, Yunnan and so on

[main ingredients]

The sweetness components in stevioside belong to glycosides. Glycoside (glycoside or heteroside) also known as anthocyanins or mixed sugar glucoside, is sugar or sugar derivatives and other non sugar compounds, compounds formed by terminal carbon atoms connected by condensation of sugar.

The two part glycoside hydrolysis to produce sugar and non sugar, non sugar called glycoside or aglycone ligands (agly-cone, Genin), isolated from 8 different sweet ingredients from Stevia leaf extract: stevioside (stevioside); hlebauk Di glucoside (renaudiside) A, B, C D, E; Dulko glucoside (dulcoside), A B, the 8 components are formed by the diterpene glycoside ligands of the same, belonging to the tetracyclic diterpene compounds, they are connected to a glucose at the C-4 position of alpha carboxyl, followed by C- 13 with two glucose or three sugar. Which is connected with a sophorose stevioside in C-13 (Stevioside Stv) and C-13 on the Huai sugar molecules and even a glucose molecule hlebauk rebaudioside A (RebaudiosideA RebA) has been identified as the main component of Stevia sweetening the are 6 kinds: stevioside rebaudioside A, hlebauk; D, C, E; Toure A glucoside. They belong to glycosides, and have the same aglycone stevioside (steviol). The difference between them is that the type, quantity and composition of the bound sugar are different.

[Stevia introduction]

Stevioside (Stevia), also known as Stevia sugar, has no sugar and heat. Its color is white to yellowish, its taste is suitable, and it has no peculiar smell. It is a new sugar source with a bright future. Stevioside is a sweetener found in the world and approved by the Ministry of health of China. Its natural low calorific value is very close to that of sucrose. It is the natural sweetener of third kinds of development value and health praise, which is known as "the world's third sugar source"". Stevioside is a new sweetener from Asteraceae herb Stevia extract. It has the characteristics of high sweetness and low heat energy, and its sweetness is 200-300 times of that of sucrose, and the calorific value is only 1/300 of sucrose.

[stevioside properties]

1, the purity of stevioside is more than 80% of white crystals or powder, moisture absorption is not large.

2, stevioside soluble in water, ethanol, and sucrose, fructose, glucose, maltose and other mixed use, not only stevioside flavor is more pure, and the sweetness can be multiplied effect. The sugar has poor heat resistance and is not easy to be exposed to light. It is very stable and easy to store in the range of pH 3~10.

3, stevioside solution stability is good, in the general beverage food pH range, heating treatment is still very stable. Stevia sugar stored in the organic acid solution containing sucrose for half a year has little change; in acid and alkali medium does not decompose, can prevent fermentation, discoloration and precipitation;

4, stevioside sweet pure, cool and long, taste similar to white sugar, sweetness is 150~300 times as much as sucrose. The sweetness of the extracted pure di A sugar was 450 times higher than that of sucrose, and the taste was better. The solubility temperature of stevioside is closely related to sweetness and taste. Generally, low temperature dissolves high sweetness; after high temperature dissolution, the taste is good, but the sweetness is low. With citric acid, malic acid, tartaric acid, lactic acid and amino acid, Du is used, a disinfection effect on stevioside after taste, it can play a role in straightening flavor using mixed with these substances, improve the quality of sweet stevioside.

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